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New Dog Procedure

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New Dog Procedure


Policies & Procedures Agreement

The Paw Seasons Monitoring of New Dogs
To comply with the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities involving Animals) Regulations
We have policies and procedures in place to monitor dogs coming into our care, to ensure
they are happy as well as healthy.
Action Procedure
* Observe dogs after arrival to identify abnormal behaviour – in particular dogs that are
nervous or fearful of contact
* Upon initial introduction of dog to staff, dogs are allowed to have a choice of
interaction or private space to acclimatise. When a dog is observed to be ready for
interaction, this will be welcomed and encouraged.
* Dogs to be slowly introduced to other dogs.
* Continual observation of dogs and interactions with other dogs and people will be
observed at all times.
* Where dogs are fearful or nervous, separation where necessary will be actioned.
Rooms are available for dog separation and dogs will be monitored regularly.
* Behaviour of dogs is monitored daily and records kept of any signs of stress, fear,
anxiety, or aggression.
* Dogs showing signs of distress given suitable space to relax and acclimatize.
* Dogs showing signs of distress – for example elderly or nervous dogs are located in
a quiet area.
* If abnormal behaviour is noted advice will be sought from a vet.
* Owners’ permission sought for any intervention.